Electrical Systems

If your vehicle experiences an electrical or electronic systems failure, it is beneficial to have the problem repaired quickly. A vehicle with electrical problems may not start, or it may become inoperative. Our auto repair experts are able to diagnose and repair problems during an electrical and electronic systems service.

We can locate shorts, grounds, open, and resistance problems in electrical and electronic circuits, as well as repair wiring harnesses and connectors along with electrical wiring and solder repair. Our staff is also able to diagnose the cause of uneven headlight brightness, intermittent lights, dim lights, and inoperative lights. In addition, we can service headlights and bulbs as well as correct intermittent turning signal and hazard light operation. Motor-driven accessory circuits, heated glass operation, and electric lock operation are all concerns for our staff, as we begin to diagnose the electrical and/or electronic issue(s). In the end, our team will work hard to get you driving a safe and functional vehicle again.

West Side Tire & Auto and Cliff’s Tire & Battery proudly serves the electrical and electronic systems needs of customers in Oshkosh, Ripon, WI and surrounding areas.

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