Here are the Four Most Common Auto Repairs

Wisconsin's cold weather is generally tough on cars. Either way, people all over the world have problems with their vehicles. They won't start, drive well, or get good gas mileage. You've probably had at least one -- if not plenty more -- auto repairs throughout your lifetime. More often than not, serious problems require you to contact an auto mechanic for help. Having a vehicle out of commission for any length of time can be costly.

Let's peer into the four most common auto repairs needed by United States citizens.

Flat Tire
Vehicles often rack up at least 200,000 miles before shutting down, if not twice that much. While car tires are generally tough, some objects can puncture them and cause a flat tire. Failure to rotate and balance your tires can also increase your chances of a flat tire.

Broken Mirror
Without rear-view and side mirrors, you wouldn't be able to see while you drive. You could, but not without turning around and risking an accident. Fixing a broken mirror always requires you to buy auto parts, and usually contact an auto mechanic.

Squeaky Brakes
When your breaks squeak, squeal, scream, or sound like a little girl crying, it's time to replace the brake pads. You'll have to buy brake pads from an auto parts store, remove your tire, and liberally apply some good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Electrical Problems
These sorts of issues can manifest themselves in a failure to start, faulty headlights, and no radio, to name a few. Diagnosing an electrical problem often requires you to visit a mechanic who can appropriately single out the misconnection.

These four problems are among the most common in our area, and we're experienced at fixing them. Our skilled mechanics have years of combined experience. Come visit West Side Tire & Auto in Oshkosh, or Cliff’s Tire & Battery in Oshkosh, or Ripon for all of you vehicle repair needs.

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