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West Side Tire 5 Star 9
So professional and took me seriously when I explained the issue. I had my exhaust replaced. Very reasonably priced and a job well-done. I’ll be back for all future car repairs/issues. Thank you again!
Katie Roman
Katie Roman
I would highly recommend them if getting it right and on time is important. For me there's no better place to go.
paul straka
paul straka
We needed a replacement tire for our boat trailer, and West Side Tire was the only store that could get it for us! Fast, friendly, and professional!
Catherine Coleman
Catherine Coleman
As always great service!
Dawn Foster
Dawn Foster
I needed help with a trailer tire that was punctured by a rock. They not only repaired the tire ahead of schedule but they carried it out to my car so I would not get dirty. Great service!
David Gundlach
David Gundlach
Professional, timely accommodating. The service was friendly and was done with professional service. I had my Lugnuts replaced and a flat tire repaired What more can one ask for.
Peter Stueber
Peter Stueber
I can always depend on west side for my vehicle maintenance. Great staff and quality work!
Tammie Whitty
Tammie Whitty
Friendly, fast and affordable. They were recommended to me, and I will gladly recommend them to others. Keep up the great work!
Emily Gorges
Emily Gorges
West Side21

Let our 30+ years of experience keep your car running great


 Air conditioning service

 Heating system service

 Fluids and oil changes

 Belt and hose replacements

 Wheel alignments

We've got you covered!

Year-round automotive maintenance is necessary for Oshkosh, and Ripon, WI, due to this region’s hot summers and cold winters. Experts recommend using the same auto mechanic as much as possible to keep a vehicle in excellent condition. Our knowledgeable mechanics at West Side Tire & Auto and Cliff’s Tire & Battery will not only keep track of your auto repair schedule but will remind you when you need to have it checked.

Replacing Worn Auto Parts Before a Breakdown

It is ideal to replace auto parts before the items stop working properly. For example, if you are having problems starting your vehicle in the fall, then it is likely that something in the ignition system, such as the starter or car battery, is defective. It is much easier to have these items replaced at your convenience rather than during a snowstorm.

Save Money with Reconditioned Car Parts

In addition, some car parts are difficult to find when you have an older vehicle. When you plan ahead to have your vehicle checked every four months with West Side Tire & Auto and Cliff’s Tire & Battery, it is possible to source reconditioned, such as alternators or sensors. Using rebuilt components in your vehicle can save you a lot of time and money, and in some cases, it is the only way to make an auto repair to an older model of truck, van or automobile.

Establish an Excellent Relationship with Knowledgeable Mechanics

A knowledgeable auto mechanic will communicate with you about a vehicle’s problem so that you aren’t left on the side of the road in the middle of the night. When you bring a vehicle to West Side Tire & Auto or Cliff’s Tire & Battery for a simple oil change, the mechanic will alert you to problems as simple as a dirty air filter or as serious as a clogged fuel filter. Establishing an excellent relationship with a Ripon or Oshkosh, WI, auto repair and tire shop can make your daily life easier and safer.

Keep the savings coming

Exceptional service has never been more affordable. From $10 off your premium oil change to discounted transmission fluid exchanges, you can count on our discounts as much as you can count on our professional, thorough maintenance services.

Make every drive a relaxing one

Parts and labor warranties are available. Ask for details on your next service and see how your auto repairs and tire replacements might be covered by even more than the peace of mind that putting an ASE-certified mechanic to work on your car offers.

Let our 30 plus years of experience keep your vehicle running great!